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Represent Your Firm

With today’s competitive landscape it is more important than ever to stay visible and active in the industry to hold and grow your market position.  Let Kristy LaRose become your industry connection. She can represent your firm in front of clients, prospects and at industry associations and/or networking events.  By carrying and utilizing your firm’s business card, Kristy LaRose works as a direct representative of your firm and is able to elevate the visibility of your company through her efforts.  On a contract basis, you get the expertise of a seasoned business development professional becoming a respected face of your organization. This increased activity will lead to valuable new relationships, improved client loyalty and ultimately added revenue.  Due to her methodology and relationships, Kristy LaRose is able to deliver measurable results, but without requiring your investment in a full time employee.  Your firm will immediately experience the benefits of partnering with such a dedicated and focused business development consultant.

‘Behind The Scenes’ Consulting

Often companies prefer to work ‘behind the scenes’ to tap into the knowledge of a veteran business development professional, yet have the firm’s leadership execute the strategy and be the face of the organization.  With Kristy LaRose you gain access to a vast network, her industry knowledge and ability to make meaningful connections work specifically for you.

This scaled back partnership provides significant advantage to you without the commitment and investment of outsourcing your business development. It can also provide a good first step in receiving the benefits of working with a BD consultant, while jointly determining the level of service that best meets your needs. It can serve as an introductory period that can either be upgraded in the future or remain a ‘behind the scenes’ partnership with an effective BD strategist.

Short Term Assignments

Often, companies may need temporary assistance to address staff shortages or receive transitional help.  Kristy LaRose can provide you with additional short term services on an as needed basis.  Examples include filling in to cover job responsibilities of BD/Marketing staff, attending and planning for a single annual conference each year, completing an annual BD/Marketing plan or working with new leadership to strategize and define business development goals.

Preparation For Conferences

Kristy LaRose can provide you with additional focused efforts to prepare and represent you at key conferences that are important to growing your business.  With the rising costs of participating and marketing your firm at conferences, it is essential that you make the most out of that financial commitment.  With Kristy LaRose, you can put purpose into your conference strategies and attack these valuable events with a methodical process that yields measurable results.

Services include: conference assessment and evaluation, scrubbing of attendee list, researching identified targets, scheduling business meetings, developing and implementing strategy, organizing and executing social/networking events, delivering post-event summary and managing follow up process

Marketing Projects

A diverse industry professional, Kristy LaRose has additional marketing related service capabilities and offerings.  Depending on the scope of the project, she may deliver the work independently or team with her dependable and experienced marketing associates.

Services include:  Proposal/RFP/RFQ completion or review, preparation for sales and interview presentations, assistance with branding and public relations initiatives, support with content and creative direction for website, marketing collateral, logos and campaigns, marketing research relating to identifying and understanding key prospects, executing third-party client satisfaction surveys and more.