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The first step to uncovering how Kristy LaRose can best help your organization achieve success is to conduct a discovery session with all internal team members that have been, or will be, involved with business development efforts.  It is critical to gain a thorough understanding of firm-wide challenges, objectives, strengths and weaknesses as it relates to marketing of your services.  Through this brainstorming session, we will explore a multitude of possible avenues and it will enable Kristy LaRose to customize both a short and long-term approach that would work best for your specific firm.


Once you have your BD blueprint in writing and you are satisfied with the strategy, the final step is to decide the best way to implement the plan.  After development of the plan, Kristy LaRose will be able to recommend the level of service that best matches your organization’s needs. By learning more about your firm through this process we will be able to jointly determine if you should:

  • outsource part of your BD activity (ie. annual conference help)
  • outsource most of your BD activity (fully represent your firm)
  • utilize ‘behind the scenes’ consultation (BD coaching & support)
  • other customized BD and/or marketing solutions


The next critical step is to create the road map that will increase client loyalty and develop meaningful new revenue producing relationships.  Kristy LaRose is able to facilitate this process quickly and effectively for your organization.  The plan that is designed for you will include a listing of agreed upon targets, a tactical summary for outreach to the targets as well as activity goals.   The objective is to deliver a simple, yet targeted and manageable BD/Marketing Plan that can be executed by Kristy LaRose, or on your own, or with guidance and direction provided by Kristy LaRose.


Every six months it is recommended that the plan be formally reviewed, checked for progress and, if necessary, modified.  Kristy LaRose will work with you to provide valuable feedback from the field on a monthly-basis.  Increased business development activities will result in more intelligence about the market, the players and potential projects.  While you need to be committed long-term to the overall theme and strategy of the plan, it is vital that you realize tactical details of this living document may need to be adjusted as more information is obtained.